Xclusive get help worldwide participants set to increase there ph, to cash out outstanding gh faster

After the launch of xclusive get help worldwide, people have been asking what is happening to ghw,  some participants decided to remain dormant till they receive there outstanding GH,

But the question is –> if all remain dormant, who will pay who?


Well after the launch off Ghwx forum which made participants easier to reach the administrators of ghw, things have become easier.

According to information , from one of the forum administrators KYLE he released the latest information based on GH withdrawal..


See update below…


Hello esteemed participants,

We commend the effort of all members of the GHW Xclusive community in the transition process to the new platform and their compliance to various levels of regulations and verification to guarantee a safer and stronger platform. The GHW Xclusive Admin Team work round-the-clock to ensure efficiency and stability of the platform. The Support Team remains dedicated towards making sure that all members with outstanding GH payments are assigned to receive their funds at sustainable rates. However, we honestly wish to inform you all that the trend of persistently low PH pledges is not sustainable, with over 80% of all GHW Xclusive members in the African region registering #5000 and 10 USD local currency and bitcoin PH pledges respectively. Thus such levels are non-sustainable and present serious challenges to the goal of achieving a healthy system built to last.

Therefore, the previous rates and modalities for outstanding GH payouts have been revised and outlined below:

  • 10% of outstanding GH payments to participants with, or without an active PH pledge has been revoked
  • All members without outstanding GH stand to receive the standard bonus rates of 30% (local currency) and 50% (bitcoin)
  • All members with outstanding GH from the old platform are expected to earn an extra 20% of their PH amount (which will be deducted from their outstanding GH.
  • 20% payment of the outstanding will be available and calculated on EVERY PH

The calculator on the dashboard has been updated to reflect this new policy change.

The 10% PH Insurance will continue to go to people who their PH meets the requirements stated above and who have already paid their own 10% Insurance. (this amount will be debited from their 20% during GH)

In GHWX, We believe that ALL bonuses and outstanding GH payments receivable by a participant reflect the level of commitment from such participant. Thus, the fact remains that members who wish to recover more of their outstanding GH and also stand a chance of being selected for the various upcoming priority packages, are advised to increase their PH donations levels. We continue to count on the enviable members of GHW Xclusive community in their understanding for the valid reasons for these changes and their effort to consolidate the growth and prosperity of the community.

We close by urging you all to make this work for everybody, this decisions are not easy to make because we are saddled and burdened with the fact that we are responsible for over 1 trillion of people’s funds. But we must make them so that everybody survives.

GHWx Forever..



Now participants are ready to cash out the outstanding by increasing there ph,

Note==> you want to cash out your outstanding faster? Increase your ph, ghwx must stay…we are winning.


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7 Replies to “Xclusive get help worldwide participants set to increase there ph, to cash out outstanding gh faster”

  1. What if I don’t have spare money to p H so that I can regain my outstanding money? I provided help 3 times and they were all matured for withrawal before the system migrated .money is very hard to come buy yet the system is threatening to block those who don’t pH even though they have outstanding gH well not all fingers are equal and that would be very unfair if the system block me right now because I can’t provide help

  2. I am really disappointed in exclusive GHW..I have matured money before the migration, and even after that, I pledged twice and even paid the 10% insurance and up till now,I have not been paid out of my outstandings and am a first timer..

  3. how long does it take to get merged, its a month and some days plus now, m yet to be merge to pay that is PH, does it mean the 10% i paid is gone?

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