Tips Never To Be Overlooked Before Joining Any Ponzi schemes

I know how it feels when your debit alert dont into a bigger credit alert, or perphaps no credit alert, learn how to know the platforms to invest in.


I never wanted to write this post, but recently I have noticed how some people join some scheme and later cry.


Although we are advised to enroll in any scheme with our spare cash, but even at that one have to know how to make the cash risk free.

how to know the platforms to invest in.
how to know the platforms to invest in.

 Tips to check before joining any online money making schemes


Ideology——> This point is neglected by many, all they check is there gain without knowing the ideology of the platform they jump into

Percentage return—–> Many online schemes promises 30% such as get help world wide, some promises 50%  like investcashout, my sure Cash, while orders promises 100% like the well known paying mutual grant. All this platform are genuine as they payup there members.

But when you see a ponzi  that promises that promises 200%,300%,500% some pays but the more the system goes on the more space between pH and GH,

Example-  A platform promises 500% which means that everything you pH  is been multiplied by five, then Mr. A comes in and is expected to be paid by five by down lines, which is Mr. B to Mr. F,

Then Mr.B is now due to get help the system needs another five again to complete for Mr. B , and so on, you find out that if you are the 500th person to join the system , you can only get paid once the system reaches 500*5 which is 2500, what about the 2500th person that joined ??, multiply and see the amount.


Note— this idea is applied for only  ponzi schemes, if a pyramid scheme promises such, it is accepted, because you will be paid anytime you join, as far as you registered in an active team .

how to know the platforms to invest in

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