Recover your 2016 mavro easily on MMM

In MMM, if you continue rePHing all you GH, you will multiply the original PH in just 8 months by 8 times. That means, for example, assuming your starting PH is 50k:

*MONTH     PH.            GH*

1st               50k              65k
2nd             65k.            84.5k
3rd             84k.             109.2k
4th             109k.            141.7k
5th             141k             183.3k
6th.           183k             237.9k
7th.           237k             308.1k
8th.           308k.             400.4k

MMM may not be here to make lazy people become jobless multimillionaires, but it’s power to the broke and a lifeline to the less privileged. In case you haven’t calculated, a N400k donation will reward you with N120k monthly from the 9th month. So now I ask, how much do you earn as salary or profit from your business monthly. Add N120k to your monthly income plus referral bonuses and you’d be watching your own dream realize itself with your eyes wide open. Imagine your starting PH was higher than N50k. I’m a guider in MMM, and verily verily I say unto you that you’re *just one decision* away from coming out of poverty. Stop binding demons that mayn’t even exist. From my observation, no demon is more destructive than a pessimistic mindset garnished with ignorance.

If you care to join, then register at and use

as your INVITE. And if u’re already a participant with pending 2016mavros change ur guider’s email to and

Call *+2348149714319* if you have any question or concern. I wld also give you hints on how to pH and get ur 2016mavros speedily.

This plan, if you start now, will reward you from March 2017. Nigerian government doesn’t have jobs, so MMM is dream-come-true.

*MMM is real* *MMM is back* *MMM pays*

Best wishes!

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