How Quickteller works ( download quickteller app, make online transcations easily)

Heard about quickteller?, no doubt Online transaction is no longer a news.

Gone are the days you have to go to the bank or queue up waiting to make transaction. All thanks to technology.


Heard about quick teller app?



What is Quickteller?


Quick Teller gives you convenient access to an array of services including recharge, bill payments, donations and state government payments. From DSTV bills, to HiTV bills, to PHCN bills and recharge that actually tops up your line.


Interesting right, maybe your bank is charging you a lot  per transaction , sorry, why don’t you try and use quick teller today.

      How It Works


To use Quick Teller is simple and easy. All you need do is register your details on QuickTeller. You would receive an activation code which you should use to activate your profile. From here you can start enjoying the QuickTeller services.


Make a Payment


Making a purchase or paying for a subscription is simple on QuickTeller. Select any payment item you want to pay for on QuickTeller, enter your details for the payment. A payment page would prompt you for your cards details and your secure PIN. When completed, your payment is securely carried out and you would be notified via email of your payment.



Don’t have a Quickteller app??

heard about quickteller? join quickteller today make transaction easily

  • Go to your Google playstore
  • Search for quick teller
  • Download and install.

Note when downloading for quick teller download the one with this symbol.

Quick teller



Where can I access QuickTeller?, ATMs, Merchant locations and some banks’ internet banking portals. Basically, anywhere you see the QuickTeller logo.

How soon does my payment reflect to the organization?


Your payment is real time and the organization knows immediately.

Which cards can I pay with?

Any Interswitch powered debit card or cashcard. (Verve card, Verve Mastercard, Naira Mastercard)

Must I register before i can make a payment?

If purchasing a recharge you are required to register.

Why should I register?

You can check records of your past payment.

How do I get help and even more information?

Please send an email to or call our contact center on 01-9065000 and we would be glad to help.

What can QuickTeller do for me as a business?

With QuickTeller, you can also receive payments for you goods and services at, ATMs nationwide and merchant locations. Please send an email and we would guide you through the process.


Wanna start using quick teller?


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