Official forum for gethelpworldwide launched, its true that get help worldwide forum  is among the best mutual aid platforms?


Well, I don’ have to debate on it, the platform have already won an award here so it’s no big deal..

Then what is happening to the lion (Ghw) now?

This topic have been discussed and the issues have been resolved HERE.


Well Ghw promised us something, yes something great. A FORUM


        What is a forum??


An Internet forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages…(carved from Wikipedia).


        Why Ghw forum??


Ghw have been of help, and Ghw forum will add more sugar or salt to


Reasons for Get help worldwide forum

Get help worldwide forum

  • Promoting the platform
  • Creating more awareness
  • Reaching out to all Ghw participants
  • Solving issues we encounter by ourselves
  • Giving support more time to work on another things
  • Meeting new friends.


Let’s see how thus forum progresses, its not easy but Ghw will overcome it I know…


Quick links from Ghw

This forum is gonna help a lot

What’s your say?

Let’s hear it

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