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Have you heard of NNN Office Nigeria ?


Sounds weird and new right?

Well, This scheme is one one the most trending scheme in Nigeria as a whole.


A Detailed Review on this scheme will make everything understandable I guess.


        NNN Office Nigeria Review


Official site—–> Nnn-office.com


*Minimum Ph–> N500

*Maximum Ph–> N1,000,000 and                                              above


NNN Office Nigeria is a peer to peer donation platform, where at the end of 21days, counting from the day you ph,

You get 35% of your investment, that is if you run on naira, but 55% when you operate in Bitcoin.

NNN Office Nigeria came as a relief to Nigerians after the break of MMM, members can now patch themselves up with this scheme.

Click here to register 

  Who can join NNN Office Nigeria

        Any person of legal age who lives in Nigeria or who is a citizen of Nigeria can join the NNN Nigeria Community.

The Community doesn’t contrast people one against another and doesn’t act on the principle of “divide and conquer”.

Everyone contributes to the common good. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid benefiting from others.


      What is My Own Office

NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com

My Own Office is a personalized section of the site, available for registered members. Through My Own Office you can:

  • Donate and Get Help (setHelp(“give money”) and getHelp(“receive money”) Navros)
    • See how your Navro’s grow
    • Create “letters of joy”
  • Register newcomers and manage their Office (if you are supervisor)
    • See your referrals and team
  • Get in touch with:
    • The Support Team — if you need to solve “My Own Office” issues
    • Your Supervisor — if you need any advice or help
    • Contact transfer Recipient or Sender — if you need to clear something up about transfer
  • Make personal settings
    • Edit your personal Contact info
    • Add your bank  accounts


How to add Bank Account in My Own Office?

NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com

Click here to register 


In order to Provide or Get Help in the NNN Community (“buy” or “sell” Navros), first you need to add a personal bank account in your Office.

  1. Click «Bank details».
  2. Enter your account data.
  3. Verify that the details you entered are correct, because you cannot edit the details once it is saved.
  4. Click on “Submit Account” button


               What is Navro


     Navro is a conventional unit for measurement of provided help to other participants in NNN.

For example, if Mr.A  has contributed 10,000 NGN, he receives 10,000 Navro-NGN. The amount of Navros in Mr.A Personal Office shows a maximum amount of help he can get.

For example, if a participant has 50,000 Navro-NGN, he can get 50,000 NGN. The amount of growing Navros and progressive calculation of help amount can be seen in “Navro” section of your Office.


             How to Donate


You can “buy” Navro by Donating money (transferring money) to another participant:

  1. Click “Donate Now” on the dashboard in your Own Office.
  2. Read WARNING about risks related to the participation in the system.
  3. Tick the Agreement box.
  4. Enter the amount you want to donate
  5. Click on “Donate Spare Money” button.
NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com
NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com

When you have requested to donate money, the system (Matching AI) will handle the request.

  1. The created request will be in queue to be processed by a dispatcher (automatic program).
  2. The status of the request will be pending. Our AI will search for another donor to match you with.
NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com

When you have been matched with another person your dashboard will show that you have been matched. Click on pay now button. The details of the recipient will appear and you will see the following details:

  1. Name and email of recipient.
  2. Transfer amount.
  3. Details of a recipient’s account for transfer
  4. Recipient’s phone number to contact in case of difficulties with transfer. Your contact number as Sender.
NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com
NNN office nigeria peertopeerguide.com
  1. After payment input the payment date and the teller number.
  2. Also put a proof of payment such as the screenshot of the online transfer or the picture of the teller, which is duly stamped in the bank.
  3. click on submit.
  4. The status of paid changes to true while accepted is still false.
  5. When the recipient acknowledges that the payment is completed, the accepted field changes to true

Who are “Referrers” and “Referrals”?


A “Referrer” is a participant of the NNN Community who invited another participant by using “Referral Link”, “Invite” or directly registered in Personal Office.

A “Referral” is a person who was invited by “Referrer”.

If you registered a new participant in Your Own Office or he registered by himself using your “Referral Link”, then you’re his/her “Referrer”, and he/she is your “Referral”.

You can see a list of your referrals in “Participants” section of your Personal Office.

A referrer gets a referral bonus of 10% on for every amount of provided help by his/her referral.

     What is a “Referral Link”?

A referral link enables NNN system to identificate who has invited a person to NNN.

If a person comes to the NNN website through your referral link, after registration he automatically becomes your referral. Afterwards, you will receive Referral bonuses from all contributions your participant makes.

A referrer can’t be changed, however in case you registered without referral link you can state your referrer manually in 7 days from the moment of the registration.

How to find your “Referral Link” in your Personal Office:

  1. Click on “My Referrals” menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Select and Copy your “Referral Link”.

It will look like: http://nnn-office.com?i=myinvite

my referral link is—> http://nnn-office.com?i=taichigenesis@gmail.com

  • Between the site url and your invite there are the following characters “?i=”. Pay attention to them, if you will create your referral link by yourself. For example, you can create a link, that will lead directly to the registration page — http://nnn-office.com?i=myinvite




The system has the Security Department to track frauds. It monitors the integrity of participants.

Security Department has rights to require a copy of your passport or a video record with explanations of your actions if you are suspected of committing deliberate manipulations.

If your guilt is proven, you will be excluded from the NNN Community. Remember that all participants in NNN is a single entity, therefore the Security Department is not working on behalf of individual personalities and solely acts in the interests of the whole Community.

In case of you are blocked for suspicious activity, you need to write to the Support and attach a photo or ID scan to verify your identity. In case the participant hasn’t violated the rules there’s nothing to worry about. He will be unblocked and the ban won’t affect his Navro growth in any way.


  1. Refusal to transfer help on a pending order.
  2. Providing help untimely .
  3. No confirmation of funds receipt.


How to protect My Own Office from hacking?

NNN aims to create maximum safety for each participant. But, unfortunately, periodically attackers still get access to the Office of the Community’s members.

In 99% of cases this is the fault of the participants themselves, who were too trusting or allowed to infect their computer with malware.

We want you to be careful and not allow the scammers to steal your data, so we have created detailed instructions on how to protect yourself from intruders.



Scammers can enjoy participants’ trustfulness:

  • A scammer gets in touch with you (via social networks, whatsapp, etc.) and introduces himself as NNN administration.
  • He makes up a reason (e.g. the suspicion of fraud) and asks you to send your password to the account for so-called reliability verification.
  • You believe him and send the password. The scammer changes the account data and transfers NAVRO to his bank details.

Remember: NNN admin never asks for your password in any circumstances. Only you know the password. Don’t give it to anyone, especially to the fake administration!

The majority of the participants know that NNN does not ask for a password, so the scammers have other ways and offer paid services on behalf of the administration:

  • The scammer contacts you (via social networks, chat, etc.) and introduces himself as NNN administration.
  • He offers the solution of your problem: to unlock your account, to make this process twice faster, to consider the ticket right now and so on, asking for a certain amount, e.g. #100,000.00.
  • You are happy that the account will be unlocked and send #100,000.00 to the scammer. As a result, you lost #100,000.00, and the account remained blocked.

Remember: NNN admin never offers any paid services and doesn’t take money from the participants. If you are asked to transfer money to the account of NNN admin for some services — you are cheated!


The attacker can get the password of the Personal Office without trying to have it out by fraud from you personally. Scammers use software to generate passwords and choose the cipher automatically. If the password is too simple — you are under threat of hacking.

The password has 5 categories of complexity:

  1. Very simple. Such password is easy to pick out even for a beginning hacker. It often consists of letters or numbers in a consecutive order on the keyboard.
    Examples: qwerty; 123456.
  2. Simple. The password consists of letters (often a word) or numbers (usually date of birth), without a consecutive order on the keyboard. It’s too easy to crack.
    Examples: negroid; 140694.
  3. Average. The password consists of letters and numbers, of more than 8 characters. This password is difficult to crack, but if the hacker is advanced, he can do it.
    Examples: masquerade1234; password123.
  4. Complex. This password is hard to crack even for the advanced hacker. It has more than 11 characters, it consists of different letter cases (large and small) and numbers.
    Examples: b@TMan~Returns; NNNforEver7782.
  5. Very complex. Such passwords will bring problems even to the state security services, not to mention usual hackers. Such passwords are at least of 15 characters, contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
    Examples: tHiSP@ssw-orDneveRbeH-A-c-k-ED_55278; ToGE-therWE%chanGe_theWORLD_17

To keep your Personal Office safe, use difficult and very complex passwords. Change passwords every 3-6 months.

If you find it difficult to come up with a complex password, use the online generators:

Do not keep your passwords in a text document on your computer, memorize them and write down on a piece of paper, put it in a safe place.

For additional convenience and security you can use a free password Manager KeePass —http://keepass.com/. The passwords will be stored in a secure database. Create one complex password for access to the program. This password can be used to log any other sites in.

Remember: Scammers use programs to guess passwords. To protect your Office, create complex passwords of 11 and more characters with numbers and mixed letter cases



If you failed to protect yourself and the scammer hacked your account — do not panic. What you can do to regain control of your account.

  1. Send a message to the admins from thecontact form and we will contact you and help you stop a hacker from transferring your Navros.

     2. Contact online support

To be a victim of the hacking is annoying, but not fatal. Don’t let scammers steal access to your account.

Before you continue to participate in NNN, follow these steps:

  1. Scan the PC and the smartphone with your antivirus. Clean them from the malicious files.
  2. Make sure that intruders do not have access to your e-mail address. Be sure to change the password to the e-mail.
  3. Change the password to your Office.

Remember: if you are hacked, don’t panic. Inform NNN admin. If the scammer has created a request for assistance, ask the sender not to transfer money. Clean your computer and smartphone from viruses and change your password to the e-mail. Then change your password to your Office.


Follow these rules and do not allow criminals to deceive you — to infect your computer, steal money or information.

      How to register in NNN

If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official NNN website.

To register Click here to register 

Fill the registration form as shown on screenshot:
(Fields marked with * are required)

  1. Enter your name (or a nickname).
  2. Enter your e-mail (preferable mailbox is gmail.com).
  3. Enter your mobile phone number
  4. Enter your Referrer’s email (optional)
  5. Enter how you heard about us. (Optional)
  6. Necessarily read the WARNING and check the box that you accept it.
  7. Create your password
  8. Retype created password
  9. Click on “Join Now” button.

How to login to My Own Office


  • Go to NNN Nigeria home page and click onLOGIN button.
  • Enter your email and password which would be verified and if correct, it takes you to your homepage.

   Here are some FAQ i in NNN Office Nigeria.


When can i cash out my referral bonus? :


when your referral have withdrawn, and you must have donated and it must have been 21 days old.

Note that if your referral withdraws before 21 days of his or her donation, your bonus will not be complete as it is based on the donation navros growth too (from Jan 2017 this is no longer so, your bonus is complete all time).

Must I add two account numbers?:

It is not compulsory but adding two account numbers is the way NNN protects your account from hackers. If you want to be sure that anybody with your password can never tamper with your money just add two account numbers to lock it up. If you don’t have two bank accounts you can add the same one twice..
Click here to register

What happens when I fail to donate after being matched?

If you fail to pay after you are matched your account will be suspended forever and ever. if you Don’t have money, do not donate, if you have donated and you don’t have money cancel it.

If you are matched and you fail to donate you will loose referral bonuses and all other, except your donated money. If you have donated before you will be matched to collect your money and go.

Pls what will happen if someone refuse to make payment to me:?

Donors are always given two days to make payments: if they are not responding, kindly ask them to click on “I refuse to donate” so that your account will be matched with another person immediately.

if they did not click that you can quickly report to support or wait for the two days to elapse and the system will automatically cancel it.

who to hold if investment goes bad:

Nobody, this is not an investment, its just a community of people helping people.. there is nobody to hold because you are not making any investments. investment cannot go bad here because its not an investment.

Where is your office located?

there is no office, NNN is build by the participants and for the participants. even the support is done by the participant as nobody owns NNN but the participants at large.
I uploaded fake POP:
Your account will block itself. Uploading fake POP is not a crime, but if you are caught, it becomes a crime.
   Pray your transaction do not come up with issue, and if there is any issue quickly settle with your Beneficiary if not.
The AI will block your account.  You will not lose your donated money anyway. Nobody can lose in NNN. So the worst case Scenario will happen to you.(You will only lose your bonuses and Navros)— That means if you donated 100k you will lose the 35% and get your 100k back and say BYE BYE— BYE!
How to regain your account after suspension: 
letter of apology.
This letter will be submitted to the NNN social Community and beg the participants for forgiveness.
If over 10 participants accept to forgive by commenting, then your account will barn will be lifted.
Submit screen shot of participant forgiving you to the NNN live chat window……
The letter should be professional like:
I mr so, so, so, do solemnly appeal to this honorable NNN community to forgive my ….. I donated the some of … and was matched to donate to one mr….. and I failed to comply because of so so so reason. I therefore and humbly apply…..   
If the NNN community accept you back, the AI will refresh your account and lift suspension. You can post this this to facebook, whatsapp or even make it a video where NNN participants socialize and get them to forgive you. It has to be fun and fun always…
Pls what is the meaning of LDFW:
It is the money you have lost because you withdraw your navros before 21 days
When Will NNN Crash?
Any day you are matched to donate and you refuse to pay, That day your own NNN will crash!

You are given 48 hrs to pay after being matched for Donation?

Yes; but that is not usually so, the system will give you 48 hrs, but the receiver can reduce your time to one hour so you should always accept to pay once you are matched if not the user might thing you are not serious and reduce your time. in NNN, we don’t support delay!

I was matched with two people, time expired one person extended the time but the other refused.

You can pay one person and forget the other, likewise you can accept to pay both and submit payment fast or talk to live chat before paying.. Whichever way, paying faster is always advised. You can before 24 hr from match time…

How does NNN Make their money?

The same way the commercial banks make theirs. Just that the depositor do not pay to our bank but to a customer wanting to withdraw…

Click here to register

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