March report of ponzi schemes (see top paying online ponzi scheme also)

Here we are, all thanks to all ponzi scheme that made it past 2016, kudos for those ponzi schemes that made it pass February, what about march?.


On this post I will be giving a detailed report in the outstanding mutual aid platforms, what made them outstanding etc..


After the issues with MMM Nigeria, many platforms came up, though some are more older but the rate in which participants flowed increased, few survived, many didn’t..



     Peertopeerguide march report


Ponzi schemes



Over 3000 sites have been created in just a matter of weeks, 90% of them were only for hit and run, #scammers


Let’s give our report.


How many platform{genuine} made it ?


This is a very complex question, because some people still don’t get the idea behind ponzi scheme. They forget that there is nothing like a central account, all pH and GH rotate head to head.


Last week I received an email, a client asking me whether mutual grant still pays.. I bluntly told him what his highest fear was,,, ofcourse you know the answer


Mutual grant is a genuine platform, But the problem they had was too big

  • Server issues
  • Big registration bonus
  • Lack of trust


This two factors affected them , can you imagine a platform promising 60% registration bonus?, in a country like Nigeria.

Check it out yourself, and reason like a Nigeria, all they did was open multiple account cashout there registration bonus, move over to a new account, am also a Nigerian I know how we reason….


Server issues ,  let me tell you a secret, whenever a ponzi scheme shuts down for three minutes its members losses 80% trust in the platform, even with the rate of percentage giveaway mutual grant promised , it would have stood its ground, but they had server issues, every two to three days, which is very bad,


Some participants claim ignorance of mutual grant when they are been merged to pay you, gosh I so much hate this.


Well cool down, not only mutual grant failed many platform did,

  1. Is your hard earned cash still in mutual grant?
  2. Are you confused?

Chill read on, I  will also tell you the top mutual aid platform that will hush your cries.



     Top mutual aid platform


Ponzi schemes

This platforms are designed to last forever, most of them had issues but due to the level of trust participants have , they are still trending…


This is where you experience the hard rule of recommitment, no hit and run, once you have joined the circle you are in already..

Hot links


Global residual help


Still new, no issues have been reported yet , everything is effective

Hot link




Is this the best mutual aid platform?I dont want to believe yet, this platform is still new, launched in south Africa on January, came to Nigeria on 1st march.

Cma40 participants are cooperating

Hot link


This is our report for march 2017, you can mail me for guidance .Am always around to guide you.

Let’s here your comments, we moderate all.


xclusive get help worldwide


As the name sounds so it the platform, this is the only platform that I knew migrated and its participants whole hearted followed suit, no dulling xghw participants are great, with a very high responsive support, you can interact with them also..

Hot link


NNN Nigeria..


A cool place to make money, filled with loyal members, with mutual belief.

Spammers entered but have been dealt with, NNN is safe and OK.

Hot link



This is our report for march 2017, you can mail me for guidance .Am always around to guide you.

Let’s here your comments, we moderate all.


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