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Have you heard of investcashout (ICO) ?,


hands down Let’s do a quick review on it.


Invest cash out iCO is an investor to investor platform where investors help other investors grow there business and get 50% benefit in return. The program was started on the 28/april/2003 by 1000 investors in San Diego and is a non-profit organisation.


I did a little research about this platform and it was amazing.

   Invest Cash Out Review


Official website—->

Created on—-> 28/april/2003


The owners—->Cash Aware Organization in San Diego.

 Why I prefer investcashout


Unlike other platforms  I find myself attracted to this because of the structure of scheme, you can actually select the day you want to pay out ranging from 1-15, interesting right??

A fast support if you have an issue with your ICO Investment account, click contact us button in your investcashout dashboard
Choose the type of issues you have and fill the form, you will be contacted by the support team immediately

If you are good in referring people you can actually earn more bonus from the system although you get 20% plus 50% as a first timer.


15%—-> direct referral

5%—->recursive bonus(  when you refer an active member that keep providing help)

20%—-> registration bonus

150%—->seminar bonus(when you organize a seminar and send it to investcashout

Minimum Ph—-> N5000

Maximum pH—->Unknown (I have invested big and it contained it)

With all this I think this platform is among the best.


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Warning—–>in as much as you can earn from ICO you can also lose, so you are advised to confirm only the payments that you have received, because any Payment confirmed can not be reversed.
Only pay into account ICO Investment provide for you online….


You have any questions?, Testimonies?

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Invest Cash out is a good platform

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