How to run a perfect barbing saloon ( own a barbing saloon today and make atleast 500k every month)

Looking for tips on how to start a barbing saloon?

Who said having a barbing saloon is not a business?

well it depends on personal hardwork in making your barbing saloon an exception, thus adding  more popcorns into your wallet.


How to run a profitable barbing saloon


How to run a profitable barbing saloon

Skill Acquisition


This is one important thing that you need to learn..

Learn to add more skill in your barbing then you are good..

You can also be your own boss, employ people that can do it well and earn more,  learn to deliver a smooth and fast haircut.




Making a living from a barbing saloon depend on the location you are, location determines how people locate you.

Anyways bad location is not a barrier but at least it helps as far as you promote your saloon.




This is one key point in every business, not only barbing,

Even in all  Lucrative business in Nigeria promotion helps make your business known to people.


hint–> one killa way of promoting a barbing saloon is through bill boards.


Buy all equipments


Get the good sets of all you need in running a barbing saloon.

  • Clippers
  • Sterilizer
  • Television
  • Standby generator
  • Mirror
  • Perfect chairs
  • Combs
  • Razors etc.

Good quality lasts longer, although they are higher in price.


          Now we are set


But it doesn’t end there, you need to make your saloon stand out from the others.


Like myself Where I have my hair cut is a bit far from my place, there are many saloons at my doorstep but I leave them.

I have my reasons anyways….lol.


      How to make your saloon stand out from the crowd.


Greet customers


This is quite easy to maintain, try and show a little respect to all your customers..

Keep age and gender aside, and see how it works out.


Dress neat


Have you wondered why I leave the saloons at my doorstep??,

This is the reason, try and maintain a decent dressing, wear nice perfumes..




Yes television,

No doubt some people love going to saloons to also watch TV, try and buy a nice television and maintain customers.


Standard price


Maintain a standard price in your saloon, make the price affordable.


Quick Delivery


Many people hate time killing saloons, when you notice the change in the growth of customers , employ more hands.





Barbing is a great business, imagine when you have like 70 unique customers each day, and you charge N250 per Cut.


Let’s do some mathematics

70*250= N17,500,

N17,500*30days(a month) = N525000


Jaw dropping right?

Well barbers are great,



Advice–> As a barber old or young, savings matters, learn to save at least 65%  of your monthly income.


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