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Heard about cma40 ?


No doubt Africans have turned gurus in mutual aid platform, thus providing a visa out of poverty.


 What is Cma40?


CMA is an acronym for Community mutual aid.


Official site===>

This is a new platform not yet six months old, as the platform just made its way into Nigeria.

There is no  better time to join than now

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       How CMA40 works


Like every other mutual aid platform CMA works in the same, operates in both local currency and bitcoin.


PH and GH that’s it, ..


   Cma40 Bonus


Members referral bonus:

  • By referring others into the program a member will receive 10% commission. Bonuses and commissions do not grow they remain the same, this is done to sustain the system and make it stable.

CMA is new getting rreferralswill not be hard for now.



Once off registration bonus:


  • Dreams from 1000 to 9 999 a registration bonus of 200 will be rewarded. Bonuses do not grow. On hold for 30 days.


  • From 10 000 to 49 999 a registration bonus of 700 will be awarded. Bonuses do not grow. On hold for 30 days.


  • From 50 000 to 100 000 a registration bonus of 1 500 will be awarded. Bonuses do not grow. On hold for 30 days.

The bonus are not too much right?, this is why the system will survive for years.


Contribution in bitcoins:


  • Earn 50% when you contribute in bitcoins, so this mean if John had 1000 of his SPARE money to contribute with, at the end of the first month John will have 1 500 (50% of 1 000) which will grow at the rate of 50% for an additional of two more months, equalling to a total of three months. In three months John will have 2 325.


Contribution and confirmation of dreams bonuses:



  • Get a SPEED BONUS when depositing and confirming for someone else’s dream within 24hrs from the time the dream was dispatched, an additional 5% of the Create Dream amount will be credited as speed bonus,

         Example: Say John created a dream of 1000 and he waited patiently to be matched with someone that needed their dream to be fulfilled and the order to fulfil a dream comes out, if John deposits for that member within 24hrs of the order being issued, John will get an addition of 5% of the Create Dream amount, in this example 50 as speed bonus. Bonus will not grow.


  • Confirming a claimed dream within 72hrs of someone depositing into your account, 5% of the withdrawal amount will be credited to one’s account as speed bonus.

            Example: Say Jane’s dream is matured and she request for someone to fulfil her dream (withdraw), if some deposits for Jane and she confirms the deposit it’s in her bank/bitcoin account within 72 hrs she will get 5% confirmation bonus (speed bonus) of the withdrawal amount, so if Jane had withdrawn 10 000 from her matured dream she will be credited with 500 which will be held for 30 days (unable to withdraw for 30 days). Bonus does not grow.


Testimonial video bonuses:



  • 3% bonus of the withdrawal amount if a member records an audio voice testifying how their dreams were fulfilled. On hold for 30 days.


  • 5% bonus will be granted if member records a video, the video must show the face of the member testifying how they got their dreams fulfilled from the system. On hold for 30 days


    CMA Guider bonus



Who doesn’t love bonus?, especially when they coin large quantity, OMG #bankalerguider.


Any member can become a guider after they have referred 40 active members into the system (completed and confirmed Dreams) then their status will be upgraded to guider.


Guiders are rated anyways depending on your referrals


Guider’s ranks

  • 40+ guider – 40 to 999 members
  • 1k+ guider – 1000 to 9 999 members
  • 10k+ guider – 10 000 to 99 999 members
  • 100k+ guider – 100 000 to 999 999 members
  • 1m+ guider – 1 million and above members.



Guider’s bonuses



  • Guider’s bonus goes up to the 4th level

Level 1: – 5% of the contribution amount, this is from the people recruited by your direct referrals

Level 2: – 3% of the contribution amount, this is from the people recruited by level 1 referrers

Level 3: – 2% of the contribution amount, this is from the people recruited by level 2 referrers

Level 4: – 1% of the contribution amount, this is from the people recruited by level 3 referrers

Click here to register and join CMA40.


To login to your personal office in CMA you have to solve a little captcha, you can learn how to solve captcha HERE.


I joined this platform not long ago, will soon get help, will update this post when I get help.



Warning CMA40

Please join CMA with your spare cash.


Do not provide help when you are not with the cash.




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  1. hello friends, for you to be here, it means you must have heard of testimonies from CMA40. I would love you to seize this opportunity to join this platform as it is new in Nigeria, Remember, those that made it big with mmm and gethelpworldwide were those that embraced the opportunity when it came newly in Nigeria. for more information and proper guidance on how to register please call or whatsapp 08067938789.

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