Claritta Nigeria- Register make 6000 with 1500- Login

Heard about or want to join claritta??

Do you know you can make 6000 with just 1500??

You don’t know right, let me break down the program for you.


        Claritta Review

Claritta is a mutual aid platform, where you get times four of the money you invest. You Start as low as 1500,

Official site—>

Well, the site is up to a month now,


And still banging, all though they went on upgrade after the website was attacked by bugs.


Claritta has grown in a short period of time that the website ranks 89 in the most visited site in Nigeria, with a daily unique visitors of 10,300


  Emergencia why should I go for claritta ?


There are many reasons most people join claritta

Read the discussion between my friend chidisko and myself.


Emergencia–> Have you heard of

Chidisko–> mam, its been long I enter the site nah, as them come back from upgrade, my bank alert na gbagaam

Emergencia–> really, why didn’t you join Twinkas?

Chudisko—> Twinkas ke?, I only invest low money oo, claritta is the way.


As you can see, my friend chudisko joined claritta with reasons.


 Why you should join


  • Easy to run, the website is easy to run, making it able for everyone who is interested to participate
  • Low amount, A lot of people have been afraid of investing big money in online platform, just like my friend chudisko, you can start with Clarita which is just N1500
  • Referral, yes unlike many platforms like exearn, mega cycler you don’t Ned to refer people before you get paid on
  • Referral bonus–> Claritta referral bonus is jaw dropping, refer people into the system and boost your credit alert.


Click here to register and join claritta.


Chudisko—> emergencia they have merged me again ooo

Join Claritta


Join today and give testimonies.


Click here to register

We will love to see your comments , and how you fell about claritta

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2 Replies to “Claritta Nigeria- Register make 6000 with 1500- Login”

  1. funny chudisko.

    claritta is indeed a great platform.

    I love it anyways, but I also like investing in bigger platforms, unlike chudisko.

    keep up the work emergencia

  2. Comment
    I registered on for the past 3weeks and I was matched to pay two people, I paid and uptill now Claritta don’t want to match people to pay me what is the problem. I need an answer

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