20 jaw dropping lucrative business in Nigeria. Must read

Thinking of a  lucrative business that will yeild you cash? , perhaps make you are banging millionaire?


Although becoming A millionaire is one thing, but maintaining that millionaire is another thing,


Anyways let’s talk about lucrative business that will make one earn a living.


Setting up and running a business is not easy, lots of research and headaches, but anyways not as hard like climbing the Everest.


Before I list them note that;:

A business of mr.A and Mr.B might be the same, but doesn’t yield the same.


It require hardwork, big one for that matter, that is if you know what you are looking for.


Lucrative business

Lucrative business that you can start in 2017




1.   Dry cleaning business


Slowly this business have grown in Nigeria, you can start one today if you have what it takes. Because there are lot of people who are too occupied with work and have less time to do laundry.


2.    Tailoring business


If there is a business that doesn’t go outdated its tailoring, this business have existed for Years if not centuries. You got a thing about fashion ?? ,try tailoring.


3.      Pure water production


This business have grown beyond imaginations in Nigeria, very lucrative but you need more money to invest and start this business.


4.    Car wash business


If you have a good location, where people use cars , then this business can help you.


5.    Barbing salon business


This business is mostly dominated by guys, this business have gone viral into the country. But you can venture and make it , if you have a business plan.


6.  Bead making business


You can acquire this skill easily , and start making money, bead making is profitable, I got relatives who are making a living from it.


7.   Second hand clothes ( Okirika)


This business is very lucrative,  joining it dissent cost much anyways, just know the right source and buy and make lots of money.



8.    Photography


Myself emergencia would love to join this business…lols am kidding, photography is a cool business, get your self a standard camera, a studio if you wish and acquire the skill, nothing much.


9.   Game center business


Got game gurus in your location?, why don’t you buy the latest gaming gadgets and start this business,


10    web designing


This is cool spot to bang in, if you have the knowledge, it requires little or no capital though, just the skills and you are good to go.


11.   Freelance  writing business


Though this might sound awkward but freelance writers make a living, you got the writing skills, you can make it , like magazines etc.


.12.  Transportation business


This business can never be outdated, because I can not travel from Lagos to Onitsha on foot, you can make it in transportation business as a company or as a personal business like taxi, still profitable


13.   Road side fast food


You have a natural gift when it comes go cooking ,but you don’t have the money to open , a big restaurant, well try road side fast food ..


14.  Recharge card business


Attend seminars on this business and try it out, it really pays great. Got friends who ventured into it, they live happy.


15.  Lesson center business


This is a gradual growing business, instead of looking for white collar jobs,  use that time and grow ygrow business via lesson center.


16.   Mobile phone repair business


You have a little idea about tech, fine you can use it to make money find a good location and start repairing phones.. Verlucrative if you have a higher skill.


17.  Poultry farming business


This business is also a gradual scheme business, you can buy chicks and harbour them till they grow, this business needs large space if you really want to take it serious.


18.  Cat fish farming business


Very lucrative business we got here, learn how to deal with fishes, find a good location and start cat fishing, really lucrative.


19.   Blogging business


You got the passion for blogging, then hit it and start although it requires much patience and hardwork.


20.   Buying and selling business

Acquire the skill and invest in buying and selling.

  • Buy and sell motor parts
  • Buy and sell cclothes

Many more.



Hi, we will love to hear from you, you got any lucrative business not listed here, kindly drop in the comment box.

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